Central City sets sights on downtown Vancouver

Central City Brewers + Distillers’ facility at 11411 Bridgeview Dr. in Surrey. The acclaimed brewery is looking for a general manager to head up a new brewpub and restaurant in Vancouver.

Look out, Vancouver. Central City’s coming to town.

The acclaimed Surrey brewery, distillery — and now cidery — has set its sights on the big city.

The two-time Canadian brewery of the year is on the hunt for a general manager for a “brewpub and restaurant” in downtown Vancouver, according to a job posting from Sunday, March 8, on Craigslist.

Location and opening date are unknown.

EDIT: The brewpub is slated to open late May in the old Dix BBQ & Brewery space.

Central City would be following in Howe Sound Brewing’s footsteps. The Squamish brewery’s tied-house restaurant, The Devil’s Elbow Ale and Smoke House, opened on Beatty Street in October 2014.


Abbotsford — home to the just opened Old Abbey Ales — and future site of Ravens Brewing Co., slated to open soon, is already expecting a fourth brewery.

Field House Beer Co. (not to be confused with Colorado’s Fieldhouse Brewing Co.) is looking for a brewmaster, also according to Craigslist, suggesting they deserve more than the “rumoured” status attributed by Barley Mowat in his list of upcoming breweries.

Surlie Brewing, Abbotsford’s first brewery, opened in 2014.

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Central City sets sights on downtown Vancouver

2 thoughts on “Central City sets sights on downtown Vancouver

  1. akismet-04899f641536cd38ceddb8dc188f9f27 says:

    Oh Craigslist is pretty rumour-y. Doesn’t take anything to post a job to test market interest in another brewery (or to test your own Brewers’ loyalties).

    Until I see an LDB application or talk to the principles things don’t move past that stage. Had a few breweries fizzle fairly late in the process…


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